Location: Canada Status: Part time



As an industrial maintenance mechanic, you will be responsible for installing, repairing and performing maintenance on various machines that are found in factories. You will cover a wide variety of machines and equipment: mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic (pumps, presses, ventilators, conveyors, speed controls, compactors, compressors, handling equipment), and more!

You will also be called upon to work on industrial equipment, which includes all machinery and equipment—conventional or automated—that assemble or manufacture all types of goods.


  • Excellent ability to work with your hands and dexterity
  • Excellent visual and auditory acuity
  • Proven precision and attention to detail, as you will be required to repair delicate parts
  • Impeccable analytical skills and methodical to analyze defects and identify the sources of problems
  • Great sense of responsibility, as you will be responsible for the proper functioning and safety of equipment
  • Good sense of observation and initiative, as you will be required to act as soon as you detect a defect on a machine
  • Preference for teamwork, as you will cooperate with other colleagues, including technicians and engineers, in a production environment
  • Understaing of English to understand maintenance and repair manuals

Education:  DEP (Diploma of Vocational Studies) or equivalent Assets: Bilingual