Entirely developed by NEKSYS-EXCELPRO engineering services, the operator’s station interface is an ergonomic and extremely flexible solution for all types of industries.

It is adaptable to your existing equipment and enables operators to obtain a global picture of your production. Its exclusive NEKSYS-EXCELPRO design facilitates the integration of each station into diverse work environments.

Combining precision and performance, our software solution enables you to access multiple features simultaneously and benefit from a powerful ability to analyze all your equipment and machines.


  • Reduces downtimes, ensuring maximum availability of all your equipment
  • Gives access to relevant production information so you can rigorously follow up on operations and ensure optimal performance across the board.
  • Provides current and historical data of final products so you can continuously monitor and adjust quality levels

The NEKSYS-EXCELPRO operator station interface gives you complete control over your automated production environment, processes and quality. It enables you to finally achieve the productivity levels for which you have been aiming.

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