Since its foundation, NEKSYS-EXCELPRO has operated as an electrical contractor in the industrial sector. We have therefore developed advanced expertise that meets the requirements of our clientele, coming mainly from heavy industry.

The following companies are among our clients: Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan, Kruger, Produits forestiers Résolu, RockTenn, Hydro-Québec and a number of others. Whether it concerns an electrical installation project or a maintenance contract, the specialized NEKSYS-EXCELPRO team is ready and waiting to support you as you attain your objectives.

Here is an outline of several electrical projects we have carried out in recent years:

Renovation of the auxiliary electrical services at the La Trenche hydroelectric dam

  • Client : Hydro-Québec
  • Description : Acquisition and installation of distribution centres and panels, and replacement of primary and secondary cables in the station’s 15-kV auxiliary transformers.

Protection of the perimeter and assembly of control panels for the perimeter

  • Client : Hydro-Québec
  • Description : At Gentilly-2 nuclear power plant, protection of the security perimeter and assembly of video control panels.

Cooling of five of the plant’s main air compressors

  • Client : Alcoa – Bécancour aluminum plant
  • Description : Carried out the electrical installations for a cooling project on the plant’s five main air compressors.

Black liquor concentrator

  • Client : RockTenn
  • Description : Electrical installation, instrumentation and automation for an energy efficiency project at the La Tuque plant.

Installation of temporary electrical source for a cogeneration project

  • Client : TransCanada Energy
  • Description : Installation of four temporary 600 V-600 A electrical feeders, as well as all other temporary services at the worksite required to carry out the cogeneration power project at TransCanada Energy’s Bécancour plant.

Installation of fire barriers

  • Client : Produits Forestiers Arbec
  • Description : Installation of fire barriers in the main electrical room at the Shawinigan plant.

Restarting cells

  • Client : Rio Tinto Alcan – Shawinigan plant
  • Description : Carried out the electrical work required to restart the cells at the Shawinigan plant that were shut down following the explosion of a 69-kV circuit breaker.

Replacement of control systems for the cells

  • Client : Alcoa – Deschambault plant
  • Description : Replacement of 264 control panels on the cells during plant operations and installation of a fibre-optic network.

Replacement of electrical station H

  • Client : Olin
  • Description : Carried out the work of replacing the 600-V distribution feeder for electrical station H at the Bécancour plant.

Plant extension and redesign of the production line

  • Client : Kongsberg Automotive
  • Description : Electricity for a 70,000-square-foot industrial building and redesign of the production cells.

Gas analyzers

  • Client : Kruger
  • Description : Electricity and instrumentation for an analysis system for exhaust gas from boilers 1 and 6 at Kruger’s Wayagamack mill and boilers 1, 7 and 8 at Kruger’s Trois-Rivières mill.